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[Must-read Blog for Parents] Employ Augmented Reality E-Learning App to Increase Study Productivity

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Many may be curious about the way to make their kids focus while studying and improve their interest in reading. In response to the novel coronavirus, online and mobile applications nowadays are found to be created for educational purposes. If you wish to know more about using e-textbooks in classes and reading, just keep on reading!

Here are some tips to improve the learning productivity through the employment of Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

Make Good Use of Digital Contents

Some children may not be able to concentrate for extended periods on paper-based materials, such as textbooks and books. The application of digital content can make teaching more engaging and interactive, enhance students' concentration, as well as share and give comments/feedback among teachers and students. This is one way how using electronic tools to learn is relatively useful and effective for many kids.

Increase Child Participation in Education Initiative

The employment of various online mediums and applications can ultimately increase child participation in education initiatives. For example, the use of video and audio recording to interpret content of a specific text makes reading and learning at home much more fun! With online textbooks, children can also increase memory through sight, hearing and movement practises.

Separate into Tiny Sections

Many of us have short-term memories, in which breaking down the contents into small sections makes it easier for children to learn in particular. Hence, e-learning enables children to take a small rest from their study. StoryTellAR Utilising DIY-AR Helps Students and Teachers Achieve Better Learning

StoryTellAR is an online learning platform explicitly designed to connect our offline learning materials seamlessly with interactive digital content using AR Technology.

How to Use StoryTellAR?

Download our application, StoryTellAR, from the App Store/Google Play. After a simple registration, individuals can login to the application. They can then scan the pages of a specific book/piece of learning material, and choose the AR function they wish to add accordingly. Once done, pupils can share their creation with other users! It is definitely easy to use. Check out the method to produce the AR content via StoryTellAR now in just 10 seconds! Click here now:

Why Use StoryTellAR?

We have listed some useful functions and application highlights. Let's take a look together!

With a user-friendly user interface, teachers can utilise smart devices to produce audio recordings, videos and other digital interactions such as quizzes and physical books or learning materials. There are nine interactive functions in total, aiming to improve concentration while learning in kids.

DIY e-Books Allowing Think-Pair-Share

In addition to assignments and textbooks, individuals are able to add digital contents, such as video and audio, to their favourite books. Thus, with the use of audio and video recording and other methods, students are able to record their feelings towards a piece of reading and share it with classmates, making the reading interesting. This can, as well, train expression skills in kids and retain their interest in reading.

Apply StoryTellAR in Artworks

Apply StoryTellAR now for exhibiting artworks and paintings. With StoryTellAR, individuals can convey their meanings and ideas towards their own piece of work by creating digital media content, such as videos and audios.

Download StoryTellAR now to investigate the way to enhance productivity in learning and reading.

Find out more by watching the following videos.

StoryTellAR demo video —

StoryTellAR: Study Highlights —


Please contact StoryTellAR Team via WhatsApp (+852 6594 1276) to discover more information about the free trial of the application.

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